segunda-feira, 2 de março de 2009



1. I hear you’ve given up sailing.

Not completely. I still go -----------------------------------------------------------, but I’m much more interested in windsurfing nowadays. It’s more of a challenge, but I still go out in a boat occasionally.

From time to time; sometimes.

2. Hi, Pete. I see you’re still driving that old wreck. I thought you were going to buy a new car.

No, I’ve changed my mind. But I’m getting rid of my car. I’m going to use taxis in future.

Really- That’ll be much more expensive.

No, -------------------------------------------I think it’ll actually be cheaper.

How do you work that out?

In the end; in the final result

3. I heard you had a pretty rough weekend.

Yes we had a bit of a fire at home.

What happened?

We went shopping and left a heater on. It short-circuited and started a fire. We arrived -------------------------------------------------------- to call the fire brigade before it was a real disaster.

That must have been terrible!

At last possible second

4. Michael, the boss wants to see you in his office right away.

O.K. I’ll be there in a couple of minutes. I just want to finish this letter.

You’d better forget the letter and get in there ----------------------------------------------------------. You know he hates to be kept waiting.


5. What beautiful flowers!

Thank you. My husband sent them for our anniversary.

Lucky you. I love flowers but I have to buy them for myself. I’m lucky if I get them ----------------------------------------- from my husband. He can’t even remember the date of our anniversary.

Well, nobody’s perfect.

Very rarely

6. I wish Jack was here.


This tape recorder is making funny noises and I need it now. The last time this happened Jack fixed it---------------------------------.

Let me have a look at it. I may not be as fast as Jack but I can probably fix it.

Thanks, that’s very kind of you.

In a very short time

7. It looked as if there was no chance of agreement.

Why not?

Well the management said they had to move by the end of June and the Union said definitely “No” and threatened to strike.

What happened?

Well it looked impossible but ----------------------------------------- some body said why not the 7th of July and everybody agreed, and that was that.

At the last possible moment.

8. Hey, Sue. I’ve just hear our department’s moving to the new building. Is this true?

It seems to be. The boss announced it at our section meeting this morning. I hope we move soon. I’m sick of this so-called temporary buildings.

---------------------------- we moved. This place is falling apart.

It’s long overdue (that).

9. Did you hear the Brian is living his wife?

Who told you that?

He did. We were having coffee this morning and -------------------------------- he announced that he and his wife are breaking up. He didn’t say much but I gather there’s a third person involved.

Suddenly,without warning; unexpectedly.

10. Mr. Stuart in room 411 is asking if he can go home tomorrow, doctor.

Not yet I’m afraid, nurse. I’d rather keep him here ---------------------------. We need to do a few more tests.

Temporarily; at the moment