segunda-feira, 25 de agosto de 2008


The Olympic games are over. Don't worry, here's interesting informatin about the games for you.


We all know that China has a long, proud history with a rich cultural heritage, but few we know about Chinese people. They are trying to change that and since the Olympic Games is more than just a sporting event, but also an opportunity for countries around the world to gather to celebrate in the Olympic Movement, Chinese are working really hard to make sure that athletes and spectators will be moved by the "faster, higher, and stronger" spirit that come with competition, but will also be inspired by the peace, friendship, and unity of culture that will be a part of the Beijing Olympic Games. We are already impressed by the number of gold medals, aren’t we?

Did you know what the Olympic Rings stand for?

As an image of Olympism, Coubertin thought the rings had deep significance: that of the union between men. He multiplied the image to create a total of five rings. These five rings -- blue, yellow, black, green and red -- represent the five parts of the world now encompassed by Olympism and ready to compete against each other. Moreover, the six colors (including the white background) thus combined represent those of all nations, without exception. The blue and yellow of Sweden, the blue and white of Greece, the French, English, American, German, Belgian, Italian and Hungarian tricolors, the yellow and red of Spain are side by side with the new Brazilian and Australian flags, the old Japan and the new China. It is a true international emblem."

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