segunda-feira, 15 de abril de 2013

Forum: meeting people


Here's the forum for students who are working with "People and Places" Project, but it's quite an interesting subject, let's get together with our opinions!

Forum: When you meet people for the first time (in your class, at your job), What is the information you believe it is important to share?

Have fun!
Denise Neves.

5 comentários:

Giovana disse...

When meeting new people, I consider important to share the name, age and nationality.

Denise disse...

Very Good! Can you give me a practical example?

More: Is this the way YOU always do?

Giovana disse...

Oh, Yes, this is the way I always do when meeting new people. From the nationality and even age give start to new subjects. A practical example is the college where daily know new people from different cities, states, countries and ages.

Denise disse...

How good is that? But tell me: do other people in different countries do the same as Brazilian people (when meeting for the first time)?

Giovana disse...

Ah yes, this is very good. I believe other countries reception is not the same. I think people are more conservative, especially in Europe. Actually, it depends a lot on each region and country.