sexta-feira, 24 de julho de 2015

My Holiday and Phrases with Go

People have been going abroad more frequently these years but going away on the weekend is also a great pleasure.

Last holiday we went to the beach and the weather was incredible, specially for the winter. This is Brazil! It wasn’t windy but people were  going sailing anyway. What an adventure!

We went for a walk with the kids who ended up going swimming. Yes, it was a sunny day but the water was freezing! Kids didn’t mind it and we had lots of fun.

Later that day we went out for a coffee and I was surprised when realized that the coffee shop was in fact a boat! Imagine how kids enjoyed it!

At the end of the day kids went to bed exhausted and happy. We did the same.
Saturday started a bit cloudy and we got excited about going hiking. We haven’t taken a trail since Analu was born and it felt great! Girls just loved being around the nature, the silence, the effort to get to this very cozy place where we can have sea “so fresh” food. We got back by boat and the experience was complete!

So good to go traveling with our family and friends to places we love or where we’ve never been before… we should always take the opportunity.

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